Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fancy footwork: Mom Exhibit

I'm inviting BYU's football team to come workout in my house. It's guaranteed to keep 'em on their toes. It's impossible to walk in a straight line in any direction. If you don't keep your eyes down, you're sure to step on land mines (little plastic toys strewn across the floor).

Christmas came and went like a storm of tornadoes. And here's the aftermath.

Sorry—blurry pic.

My man and I spent a few hours yesterday chiseling through the mess. We got through about 1/3 of it. So, what do you think I'm doing today? Pretending I don't see it, of course.

Oh, and it's too bad my camera can't capture smells. Mildew. The dishes stunk so bad. I'm ashamed. But, alas, I was gone from home for three days while we had Christmas with our parents.

How did your house weather the storm?


  1. Don't ask....we still have 3 parties left;)

  2. Haha, Becky!!! This is totally our house. No worries at all. Because to me, that front room says, "Come in and throw your stuff down with ours!" I love it! :)

    Good to hear from you! Hope your Christmas was fantastic!


  3. Hahaha this is funny!! I attacked half of our house yesterday, as much as I LOVE Christmas, I also like to get it packed away and back to normal.
    It's a good opportunity to spring clean, wipe walls and move furniture around. Oh who am I kidding, my house looks like yours ;)

  4. This is the first year that by the day after Christmas our house didn't look like that because we did a large family gift of Wii and Wii games, only a couple smaller gifts for them individually. So not too much other stuff hanging around and my hubby can't stand clutter so when he is home (which he's off when the kids are off for break yeah!) the house gets cleaned up pretty quick and I sit back and let him clean it smiling to myself and thinking how he hasn't learned how pointless it is to try and keep the house ubber-clean . Gotta love that he helps though.

  5. Pretty much the same. I ignored the mess also for two days and today organized the living room more. I may never get to my dining room and be able to see the table with the regular mess again, but the corner where the Christmas tree is will be cleaned out!