Monday, December 12, 2011

Down under: Mom Exhibit

Deep down under the dining table, lying in the dark abyss of the ocean floor, live undiscovered, unclassified beings. Some are quickly ingested by the local carpet creatures. Others lurk, waiting to embed bare feet with their sharp, stinging edges.

And there they sit. Waaaaay too long. 'Cause I broke my dang vacuum.

It's an older vacuum that's actually worth repairing, thank goodness. Once I get it to the shop, which is 30 minutes away, I'll have another 3-5 days before it's ready for pickup. If I don't borrow a vacuum real soon, we're going to have to evacuate or just keep shoes on. Gross, I know.

It's a constant battle at mealtimes. The boy, who's 1, pops a chunk of steamed carrot into his mouth, throws one over the side. Pops another in his mouth, throws another over the side. I pick up the large bits, as best I can. But, other times I'm in a hurry and think, I'll get to it later; gotta run.

Who puts carpet in the dining area anyway?!

If this weren't a rental, I'd rip that nasty stuff out and put down something wipeable...probably in the entire house. Cause we all know it's not just the floor under the table that takes a beating. Can we say "potty training?" For. real.


  1. I have hardwood floors everywhere-don't ever rip all of your carpet out. Then the little corners of everything ALWAYS look like you haven't swept in weeks even if you just swept that morning! Smooth surface for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens; everywhere else needs carpet believe me, especially with a landscaper husband and family.

  2. Lily is a TOTAL throw food on the floor-er. We have hardwood too and I'm in total agreement about the looking like you never sweep! It drives me crazy. Dust and doghair end up in corners and I sweep it EVERY day. :)