Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This is where I went

Last week, I went on a very nostalgic adventure. I want to share it with you!

This is the house that my grandparents built, that I grew up in and loved as a young girl.

This was my street where I rode bikes, carried my first dog home and acquired the scars on my knees.

This is my bus stop where my brand new dress got splashed with mud from a puddle.

This is where we ate meals and where I peed on the carpet during a thunder storm.

This is where Mom rocked us in her rocking chair and Santa left footprints on the hearth.

This is where I impatiently waited for many peach cobblers to come out of the oven.

This is where I hid and played with the pots and pans.

This is where I potty trained.

This is where I went to timeout and drew on the walls.

These are the sisters I grew up with in this home. They just moved back in. Lucky girls.
This was the best home with my fondest childhood memories. When we moved from it in 1992, we were all heartbroken. No matter where we lived from there on out, it was always affectionately called "the old house." My sisters just moved back in and the oldest's kids will attend our favorite elementary school as well. I could never have imagined this. It was such a fun visit!


  1. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. This looks like a wonderful place to grow up - I can't believe you squeezed into that cupboard!

  2. Was the house still in the family all this time? Love seeing where YOU came from!

  3. @Chandee Yes, it was. My grandma has been renting it out all of these years. Worked out perfectly for my sisters because both of them needed a place to live at the same time in the same area!

  4. That was a fun trip down your memory lane, looks amazing and beautiful. I have always wanted to go back east in the fall.

  5. You are so lucky, I would give anything to go back to the house I grew up in, it was perfect!

  6. This post hits a chord with me. My Gramma just told me a month ago that the house they have lived in for 30+ years is now on the market. Her brother owns and wants to sell. No matter that my GP's are in their mid 80's! I have panic attacks about it selling. It will undoubtably be razed and tenement apartments will pop up in it's place. All of the grand kids have brown up in that house. We used to crawl through the fireplace woodbox..til Grampa nailed it shut!lol Always thought that I would one day be able to take my kiddos for a visit and they could see where I grew up....and maybe slide down one of the staircases in a box! ;)