Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cry for Frye

You know Jillian Harris from that epic season of The Bachelor? When she met up with Jason at her home in Canada, she was wearing the most A-MA-ZING boots. Since then, I've been obsessed with Frye boots, which she has openly admitted to loving and wearing on her website here.

Borrowed this photo from the amazing Wedding Bliss Photography

So, why don't I just buy some?

Because my retinas bleed every time I look at the price. And I do look repeatedly, hoping they'll cut that cost in half for no reason (actually, that's still expensive). Also, they're just so pretty. Let's look together. Ahhh...

As I was writing my Christmas list for my man tonight, I haaad to put the boots on there. After all, it's a wish list, right? But, then I feared the worst: what if he actually did get them?! I'd be so mad that he spent 1/2 a grand on boots. Alas, I gave in and wrote "Frye boots." I almost didn't. But, then I did. But, then I followed it with a "...don't..." And then I scribbled it out.

And then reason set in. "I won't let him buy them," I thought, "because that's our ENTIRE Christmas budget and that's just stupid and selfish. So, will I go without boots forever, then? Or, can I find something now that will hold me over until we're millionaires...in a few years?"

So, I searched and searched and searched and settled on a few different styles that I guess I'd feel cute in once I put them on. Just as the search was ending, I found these little gals. They're not Fryes, but they're so cute and will satisfy the craving for now. Let's hold hands and take a peek. Eeek! I'm giddy.

"Hallelujah" the angels are singing! Merry Christmas to me from my husband but vicariously through me. And since they seemed to be running low on stock and I wear an 8.5, they had to be purchased this instant. Free shipping, too, ladies.

So, if you love and they have your size, get some, too! We can be boot buddies!

Note: If someone at The Frye Company happened to hear of my plight and love for their obviously superior craftsmanship and design aesthetic, I wear size 8.5, as mentioned above. If Santa didn't draw from my bank account, I know he'd get them for me in a heartbeat! I'm a good girl! (Kristina F—that just reminded me of you. Haha.)


  1. those are pretty adorable boots!! let me borrow your boots. I won't wear them out of the house, I'll keep them nice and clean, just, let me borrrow your boots. ;)

  2. @Kristina hahaha! love you, kris. "not even a pickle?!" oh, and yes, you may borrow my boots. i'll even let you unwrap them.

  3. $500 for boots? SAKES ALIVE! Can you even imagine being that free to buy $500 boots with no reservations? I think your DSW find is awesome. I hope they are as incredible in real life as they are virtually.

  4. I agree, I never in my life could imagine spending $500 for ANY article of clothing. Hope you love them soo much.