Monday, November 21, 2011

Mom Exhibit now open

Here's some perspective for ya.

A few days ago, we spent the afternoon at Salt Lake City's Discovery Gateway Museum. Besides the awesome exhibits, I noticed something: employees everywhere. They were young, probably college students, and they were running around frantically returning toys to their homes.

I was so amused by this, first because it seemed like a wasted effort. I mean, within moments, the coop of plush chickens was demolished again by a posse of three-year-olds. And then I realized something.

These people are PAID to pick up after kids. And even between all of them and their youthful energy, they were not able to keep up. I began to laugh out loud.

Why on earth, then, do we as moms get so down on ourselves for having messy houses? Why do we stress about toys being ev-er-y-where?! If these people get paid to do it, and that's all they do, and they can't even keep it together, than why do we expect ourselves to do more than them?

Are you getting what I'm saying? Do you see that our expectations are absolutely unrealistic?

I highly suggest visiting this museum to see the mom exhibit. It'll give you a good dose of reality.

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  1. I gave up on a super clean house long ago (about 4 years ago, after I moved into my parents home when they left for their first mission. It's impossible to keep the floors feeling clean-so why bother?). Now to me, its a clean house when its only somewhat tidy, Meaning I can still walk through it. The best for me was last night while I was bathing my youngest my 7 year old cleaned the entire upstairs by himself without being asked. Those moments are few and far between but I must say it was nice to have a clean house when I got up!