Monday, November 14, 2011

"Guilt is a useless emotion"

"Guilt is a useless emotion," says my therapist.

Cricket. Cricket. "Whaaaaat did you just say?"
"Guilt. It's a useless emotion." And then she explains:
Guilt halts our progression. It holds us back and prevents us from moving forward. It's like a pit that we bury ourselves in.
(My brain explodes.)
Instead, we can replace guilt with regret or remorse. Regret and remorse are active emotions. They encourage us to do. When you feel regret for something, you want to make it right. But, when you feel guilt for something, you want to wallow.
Can I get an "AMEN, Hallelujah, Lord?!" I mean, seriously. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around this. It's so insanely true, yet so many women are guilty of this. Pun intended!

So, ladies, here's my message: Knock. This. Crap. OFF!

Seriously, knock it off. Stop beating yourself with the guilt stick. It's not helping you get anything done. Rather, replace your bad feelings for regret and do something about it. You're feeling guilty now after reading this? Well, quit it. Replace it with remorse or regret and do something: get over the guilt and get rid of it.

Try it and tell me what happens. I'm serious and I'd probably wee my pants if you did.


  1. It's interesting how a small shift in thinking can open doors to new action and opportunities. No more guilt! :)

  2. I am most guilty-pun intended

  3. I will GIVE you a HALLELUJAH! Thanks for the post and for saying it out loud! I am a very proactive person and agree completely... stop feeling the negative and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

    Be wonderful today... and everyday!