Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rude awakening

Yesterday, I was dragging from 8:30 am until I went to sleep at night. Nothing got done all day. The man asked me to wash the whites and his brown slacks. He ended up doing it when he got home. Poor guy. And what did I have to say for myself? Nothing. I felt pretty bad.

So, as I went to bed early (11:30 pm), I was bound and determined to have a better day today.

9:22 am
*slam, slam, slam*
I jolt awake. I didn't sleep that well. The kids were both up several times during the night and early morning. What is that sound downstairs? *Gasp* Suzy!

I grab Gus out of his crib and rush downstairs. My heart sinks as I behold the mess. Hamburger buns everywhere. Crumbs. Toys. The lid to the milk jug.

Afraid, I ask, "Suzy, where's the milk jug?"

"Um, it's just in the well."

"The well? What's the well? Show me."

She walks to the back door. My heart sinks. Was she really outside while I was sleeping?! As she opens the door, I notice white all over the deck. She walks down and points to the window well.

"It's just in there."

Wow. What a way to wake up. Apparently, my husband knew she was up when he was leaving for work. He also knew she was downstairs with nothing to do. Alone. Men don't think of these things, at no fault of their own.

So, I was determined to have a more productive day today. The universe is against me.

Addition: After breakfast, I'm doing the dishes. The kids are being so well-behaved, playing together and leaving me to work. Wait. The kids are too quiet. I walk in the living room. Gus is sucking on a tube of sunscreen. It's smeared on the couch, the blanket, the play kitchen, the books, the desk, the piano, the Strawberry Shortcake car. I die. I laugh out of insanity. Bring it on universe! BRING IT ON!


  1. Oh no. Not a good start to the week. Hope today is better!

  2. Yikes!

    Hope things improve for the rest of the day!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog (milk & medication). I'm happy to be following you!


  3. Oh gosh! It's stuff like that that makes me think we'll never be able to get rid of the baby monitor haha

  4. Haha...thanks for stopping by my blog, now following you :) Laughing out of insanity is good advice!

  5. Thanks, friends! Today is going along much smoother. Yesterday was seriously a freak show.

  6. What a day! Isn't it amazing what they get into? And you always know it is too good to be true when it quiet - that is when they are up to their worst! And you are right - men just don't get it. My husband is the same way.