Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall leaf calendar

A year ago, my little girlie was old enough to learn about the seasons. Since fall is such an obvious and beautiful change, with rainbow-colored leaves falling all around, I decided to use it as an opportunity to teach her about seasons.

I'm not sure what's up with fall this year. Maybe it's because winter lingered well into early summer. But, it's October and there aren't any leaves on the ground! Last year, during the first week of October, the girl and I went on a scavenger hunt to collect leaves. It was really fun for both of us. When we got home, we used our findings to make a craft project: a leaf calendar. We used it like an advent calendar to count down to Halloween, pulling one leaf off every day. However, it's probably going to end up being a countdown to Thanksgiving this year.

How do you teach your kids about fall? Share your fall kid craft ideas here so we can all get some new ideas and inspiration! If you have an image, email it to me at


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