Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What if we moved?

I kinda hate the name of my blog. I really, really don't like Disney Princesses. I didn't mean to name it after a princess. It just kinda happened.

So, what would you think about moving?

I have a new blog I've been working on. I'll still write about this domestic stuff, but I want to add tutorials and talk about fashion and art and life, not that I'm particularly awesome at those things. I'm just interested. And I want to write about more interests.

This blog, Cinderella Duty, would be re-directed to the new one.

So, what do you think? Would you still be my friend and visit from time-to-time?


  1. M'lady, we'd follow you anywhere. We are here for your insight and witty banter, not for your title :)

  2. Of course! And you don't even know me. Lol I love the title though - Cinderella was my favorite story! She overcame scorn and harrassment to find her happy ever after. Or so we're told. Princess or not!