Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I am a hypocrite.

But, I didn't mean to be. What I've done goes against everything I stand for.

It started out like this. The man bought me an iPhone 4s for Christmas. Best. present. ever. I wanted one so badly because of Siri. I needed an external brain to hold my memories so I didn't have to punch myself in the gut every time I forgot something.

But, ironically, the iPhone has done something unexpected, impacting my life so much more than Siri ever could.

It has saved me time...hours and hours of precious time. How? I usually get on the computer several times each day to check Facebook, Twitter and email (because I'm bored and don't want to do any housework). Instead of getting off when I'm done checking those things, I always end up on the computer for hours, surfing the vast expanse of brain-melting nothingness.

But, now, my social networking and email are all synched with my iPhone. The phone chirps at me whenever there's a new interaction. And then, since I'm only checking it on my phone, I read the updates and get off. Surfing the internet is not fun on a tiny little device. Also, it doesn't come with a chair.

Moments later, when I'm done on the phone, I'm forced to behold the wasteland. It's not as easy to ignore. So what have I been doing for the past 3 days?

Cleaning my house.

I'm sorry for cursing, but it's the truth. I've been cleaning like a crazy woman.

Don't get me wrong, the living areas are still cluttered with stuff. But, it's what's below (or not below) that stuff that counts.

You could eat off my floors now, instead of eating what's on them. My bedroom visibly has a bed & furniture instead of mounds of laundry and junk. The kitchen has a sink with two basins—who knew?! The basement? Yeah, haven't gotten there yet. The piles of laundry from our rooms have gathered there to form one huge, insanely-massive cotton structure.

So, thank you, Apple, the late Steve Jobs and husband for being incredibly awesome and for ruining my life.

I don't really know where to go from here. Who am I?


  1. I say embrace the "new you" even if it does go against the point you were trying to make, that everyone is human and houses get messy! I'm sure those moments will creep up here and there, but why not have the best of both worlds.

    I think the main point of all of your previous blogging, and by this I mean what I was getting out of it, is that you should own who you are at the moment and not feel guilty about not living up to "the woman's" expectations. So what if sometimes you go above and beyond the norm, enjoy it, and don't get down when it lags again! Does this make any sense? hahaha

  2. Awesome!! Im too scared to use the internet on my phone in case i become just as addicted to it outside of home!! Enjoy your clean house!!!

  3. Wow! That is impressive. Good luck with the laudry, washing and folding and putting away. Keep up the good work and reward yourself for your hard work! You and I have switched places, I am on the computer a TON now and you are not. Who would have thunk?