Monday, January 28, 2013

Mom Exhibit: I bought a house!

My hiatus has an excuse. But, that's all it is. In reality, I was starting to feel owned by blogging.

But for real, I bought a house. I saw my dream house on the internet and put an offer on it the next day. I wasn't looking to buy because renting really is the safest bet 100% of the time.

So here I am in my new home. It's pretty and pretty awesome. When I moved in, I thought, "I'll always keep this kitchen clean! It's so big!"

I'll let you guess how long that lasted.

No, but the truth is, it varies between mostly clean and pretty dirty. I haven't quite gotten to "health hazard," but we're close today. The good new is that the kitchen is big enough that I still have room to prep food when it's at full mess capacity.

And I thought I was a changed woman! Oh well. Whatev. This is life and it's a good one.


  1. Love the kitchen, and congrats on the house! As for the mess, life happens, right?

  2. that is the true measure of a good kitchen - whether or not it is still functional when it is a disaster! :D

  3. Becky I love you! I love the honesty and the mess and the kitchen. Never change.

  4. Becky I love you, love your honesty, the mess and the new kitchen - never change!

  5. Congratulations!! I'm way behind on my blog reading but I find myself in a house of clutter and I always appreciate your inspiration! I've been mostly keeping up with my own blogging because it's a lot like therapy and things are getting better for me. Slowly, but definitely better. Welcome back!!