Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We're going global!

EEK!! I'm so insanely excited and I haaaave to share the news with you. I might be published! I mean, published-published. I mean, bigger-than-the-college-newspaper published.

So, I'm a big news addict, checking for updates all day, every day. It just makes me feel connected to the rest of the world. My first stop is always the local news station, I search for local happenings, then country and world. Entertainment is a last resort, though I do love a good article about Princess Kate's wardrobe.

This morning, I quite enjoyed this article while perched atop the loo (TMI?): Separated at birth, Indonesian twins meet in Sweden.

Get to the deets already, right?! Ok, well I submitted an article idea to the organization that publishes contributor content on KSL & other local news media. And guess what? They liked it! My article is currently in the editing process and, I hope, headed off to publishing after that. I'll keep you updated.

Oh, and because this organization is so cool, after if it's published, I can also post it here on my personal blog for all you peeps to read. I really shouldn't use words like "peeps." I'm 27, for crying out loud.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your comments of encouragement. Your friendship and kindness have pushed me to do this.

Hugs all around! Eeek!


  1. Get out! That is fabulous! Fingers, toes, arms, legs and everything else crossed! Good luck

  2. So awesome! I am very proud of you. See putting yourself out there has its benefits. Way to go peep :)

  3. Yaaaay!!! That is so neat! Congrats. :)

  4. You are the bomb! Here is the thing...I am not surprised because you are good at anything you set your mind to! Love you! Way to go!