Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hard water

Soooo...admitting defeat, I hang my head and pout a little. My home's hard water has won the fight. Calgon & all the vinegar & bleach in the world were not enough to overcome it. Commercial detergents come complete with chemicals that make them work, even in hard water. Homemade detergent, we had a good run. And someday, when I own my very own home, I will have a water softener installed and go back to making my own detergent. The savings are remarkable!

So, if you have soft water, please know that homemade detergent works wonderfully! I used it successfully for over a year, until I moved into a home with the hardest water on earth. Don't get me wrong - I appreciate all that hard water does offer. It tastes better and has lots of healthy minerals. But, I'd honestly rather have remarkably clean clothes AND save some money...and be old-fashioned. I tell Logan all the time that I wish I could just wear (without the expense of my own personal style) a button-up, collared, floral-print, shin-length dress all day, complete with an apron and lace-up Keds. (Could this picture be any more perfect?!?)

There's just something perfect about the idea of wearing a dress & shoes all day. It's probably harder to curl up on the couch with a blanket than when you're wearing pajamas all day. And, then your cute shirts don't get smeared as often with kid goo - just your aprons, which are many & easily washed! You can leave the house at any time, since you're dressed & always ready to go. Why can't that fashion be in style?!? Will someone send American Eagle the memo? I am an old soul, always wanting to do so many things how they were done in simpler times. The irony is that doing things that way is not simpler - just usually cheaper. So, what's worth more? Time or money? That's not the argument for me. The real question is what teaches character & hard work? A little bit of elbow grease - that's the answer.

The good news is that now I have an excuse to feel justified in purchasing my FAVORITE commercial detergent from Melaleuca. Can't wait until it gets here! I'm gonna have a little laundry-moon with it after the first few loads, sniffing & cuddling my delicious-smelling, pristinely-clean clothes....mmmmm.


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