Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quit while you're ahead...or behind

Why, why, why does my house look and smell like the county dump every single Monday morning? I'll tell ya why—I don't have time to clean on the weekend.

So, imagine how good I felt about myself as I started cleaning the kitchen this morning! While I'm at it, the boy makes a stinky in his diaper. I get that cleaned up. Back to the dishes. He screams at me for food, "Maaaaaahhhh!" I quiet him with a squeezable applesauce and a sippee cup of milk. Back to the dishes. He climbs in the dishwasher and flings knives, cups and bowls onto the floor. I put up the baby gate. Back to the dishes. He douses the carpet with milk. Bahhh! I clean it up and get back to the dishes. He grabs the bag of veggie chips off the table and dumps them all over the floor. The girl helps pick them up. Back to the dishes. After getting all of that under control, I'm feeling confident and happy. I walk in the living room...

Oh brother. The kitchen's not done, but whatever. I'm done.


  1. Mondays are the worst for me. The weekend is the only time I get to spend with my whole family and the last thing I want to do with my time is clean the house. At least you did some of the dishes before giving up ;)

  2. I feel your pain! Mondays stink! I don't know what happens over the weekend, but every Monday my house looks like a tornado blew threw. Every Sunday night I go to bed exhausted just thinking about all the clean up that is needed the next morning! It usually takes me until the following Thursday..maybe even Friday to get things back in order, if I can say my house has any order!

    Congrats on your article! You have a real talent at writing and putting your feelings into words, well done!

    p.s. Blogging is an appropriate Sabbath activity..right!? ;)